Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Hollyridge Strings Play Hits Made Famous by The Four Seasons (1966)

It's weird, the things that inspire us sometimes. In January of 2004 I was listening to "Dave The Spazz" on WFMU and at the opening of his New Years show he was playing an instrumental version of Frankie Valli's "Walk Like a Man". I'd never heard of the Hollyridge Strings at that time, so I emailed Dave to ask him who did this song. He told me, and that's when I began collecting The Hollyridge Strings. That show can still be heard HERE (it's the very first track)
It took me about five months before I finally had all the Hollyridge Strings' albums (there's 10 in all) and as an added bonus I also acquired another Stu Phillips album "The Golden Gate Strings - Monkees Songbook". It'll be posted here eventually, as will the rest of my HS records. But for now, here's the LP that started it all. Rapidshare download link


hpmasters said...

Hello Bryan,

terrific blog and wonderful music. Thanks a lot for this great collection and keep on going this way. If you don't mind I've put you on my friends' list, see here

I'll keep in touch

P.S.: How did you succeed getting all the Hollyridge within a few months? It took me years!

Marcello! said...

Just found your site, and it's great!
Lots of unique stuff. Recently turned on to Hollyridge Strings via their PHENOMENAL Christmas album!
Thanks for offering their more obscure works!