Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fumo di Londra - Piero Piccioni (1966)

This is the soundtrack for the 1966 Alberto Sordi film "Fumo Di Londra" (Smoke Over London). Music is by Piero Piccioni. I love this album so I really thought I'd love the movie too. Unfortunately (for me) this film was intended for an Italian audience and I don't speak Italian, so I can't understand anything they're saying! Granted, there is some english dialog, but not much. Anyhow, this is probably more information than you need, but just bare with me. Here's a brief synopsis of the movie which I found on the New York Times website:
Alberto Sordi directs and co-stars with Fiona Lewis and Amy Dalby in this situation comedy with songs. Dante Fontana is an Italian antique dealer who specializes in items from Britain. When he finally gets to take his much-anticipated trip to the British Isles to attend an antique auction, Dante gets into a bidding war with a doughty duchess at the event, but she invites him back to her castle. The woman's hip granddaughter Elizabeth takes Dante on a swinging tour of London to witness mod rockers at play. The culture shock is too much for Dante who quickly makes plans to return to his wife and children in Italy.
All in all I enjoyed the movie, but would've liked it more if I knew what the hell they were saying. The soundtrack is superb. This is some of Piero Piccioni's finest work. Hope you enjoy it too. SAMPLE: Here's the TRACK LISTINGS and


totalrod2 said...

The female vocalists are Julie Rogers and Lydia MacDonald.

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