Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gordon Langford

Today we feature British light music composer, Gordon Lanford.
In the 1960's-70's much of his music became staples on BBC television during those "off air" hours while the test card was being shown. This compilation highlights the music from that period. Here's the TRACK LISTINGS . MEGAUPLOAD LINK


Vinyl Room said...

Fantastic share, do you have more of this Testcard material?

totalrod2 said...

Email me at Totalrod2@aol.com

Pokey said...

Excellent, this and the more recently posted Robert R.Way
broadcast albums I both downloaded [I just downloaded Gordon's a few nights ago-was he any relaiton to Frances Langford of Bob Hope radio and 1940s USO troop show fame? :-)] listening to his "The Great Wall".