Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heinz Kiessling

Sorry for going so long between posts. I had that carpal tunnel surgery last year. For the most part it worked great (I'm playing the guitar again!), but last month I was spending waaay too much time on my computer, and the wrists started getting I took a break from it.
I'm pacing myself now, so don't get too discourged if I don't post here EVERY day. The Lounge isn't being shut down. :)
Now, back to the music. I have two albums here. The first is Heinz Kiessling's Coloured Strings from 1964 (tracks 1-14) and the second Heinz Kiessling album is titled "That's Music" from 1965 (tracks 15-28). I got this music from a friend within my SoulSeek circle. But he informed me that his original source was The Sound Spectrum. It's amazing, through all my Google searches I've never found that blog until now (Heinz Kiessling is an artist I'm frequently searching for but rarely able to find). So I hope HP doesn't mind me posting this music here even though it's available from his website. These are two GREAT albums.


litlgrey said...

The context in which I am used to seeing Heinz Kiessling is as one of the bright lights of the German Library label Brilliant-Musik - and I think, with crossover to the Selected Sound label as well.

hpmasters said...

Hey Bryan,

I like your blog and I don't mind the re-post of Kiessling as long as you keep on citing your sources as you did. Thank You.

I've put you on my link list weeks ago. Hope you don't mind.


hpmasters said...

Just forgot to mention this one

Happy Listening

totalrod2 said...

Hpmasters, is MPS your blog? I noticed you're all finished with The Sound Spectrum. Bummer.

gaz1966 said...

Hi guys,

May I say thanks for sharing such lovely music. I was hoping someone might help me find some tracks titles, LP's of some music I have been trying to locate for years! All I have are poor mono recording, what I would love to know is what LP's are these tracks from and who are the Performers?

I wasn't sure where to post this request for help! The five tracks are below on the following links.
Any info after all these years, so very very welcomed.
Many kind thanks,

Gary. email me at:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work!

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totalrod2 said...

Cool. Which vitamin does my site fall under?

Anonymous said...

"Vitamin B6" are you agree?


Pokey said...

Excellent stuff....more varieties than in the other Heinxs, the ketchup [ok, sorry, couldn't resist.] The tune changes in tunes like "Visit at Amsterdam" are great. "Charming Girl" is easily the best. Both HK and Werner Tautz are the two names credited here.

Heinz is creidted on with the music from "Ozzie and Harriet" and that crummy 1960s "The New Three Stooges" cartoon show [which is occasionally fu to see; Gordon Zahller/General Music is often credited with that music.]


totalrod2 said...

Cool, the link still works. Glad you liked it better than the Ketchup. ;)

Pokey said...

Correction: the tune that suddenly changes back and forth wasn't "A Visit at Amsterdam" as I mistakenly recalled; it's "The Happy Forest", which stops at about 2:14 and 2:44 before changing gears. Listening to it right now...


mellow said...

I just linked this wonderful album to Magic Purple Sunshine blog. I'd like you to enjoy this bright gem from Kiessling as well: