Thursday, September 11, 2008

V/A - More Music For Shopping

Here's another compilation of library music. SAMPLES: "The Samba Goes On" / "Manhattan Playboy"

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Generation Gap

This past week I recorded a song I wrote last year. This is the first song I've done using a free recording/mixer program called "Kristal Audio Engine" First alittle technical information. In addition to using Kristal, I also used another free program called Audacity for editing the final mix and converting it into mp3 format. My computer's soundcard is an old (1998) "Soundblaster Live!" 5.0 card. The song consists of 9 tracks. And yes, it's all me.... 1- Vox Continental organ 2- Gretsch electric guitar (played through a Martin "Stinger" amplifier) 3- Drums (seen in above photo) 4- Electric bass 5- Acoustic bass (near the end of the song) 6- Horns (Optimus MD-1200) 7- Strings (Optimus MD-1200) 8- Pizzicato strings (Optimus MD-1200) 9- Radio sound clips (the intro is played through a Danelectro digital tape delay unit) Around 2:40 into the song is a portion of Spiro Agnew's infamous (or famous, depending on who's side you were on!) 1970 speech against the Vietnam war protesters. One final note....I believe the one thing that really sucks about digital recording versus analog tape is the sound quality is so crisp and clear, you can hear ALL the imperfections! The "hiss" from the tape used to hide it (especially when recording multiple tracks). Geeze, I never thought I'd actually complain about the sound quality being TOO good. Anyhow, this is probably more information than you cared to hear. So here's the song, enjoy. .....or Download