Thursday, September 11, 2008

V/A - More Music For Shopping

Here's another compilation of library music. SAMPLES: "The Samba Goes On" / "Manhattan Playboy"

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litlgrey said...


Kara Mae said...

cool blog!

totalrod2 said...

Thanks Kara. Hey Litlgrey, I just watched that latest Olbermann video on your website. Man, I love this guy! He tells it like it is. Check out Space Patrol's blog (it's on my list of links).

litlgrey said...

Thanks much!

In a sense, I believe Olbermann feels that time is running out for his program, and he is getting is whacks in now with the gloves off before General electric simply silences him... and Rachel Maddow too.

My source for this rumor was a Mike Malloy program of about two to three nights ago.