Saturday, January 17, 2009

Old Records (compilation)

I've finally ripped a small stack of records that I set aside last summer, but never got around to recording....until now. The beauty of these old records is how cheap they can be bought for (and often times, even free!). My turntable is a Numark TT100 with Shure M44G stylus. Recording is done through the soundcard (CT4780) on the back of my PC (driver for this card). I also use Audacity. This compilation is typical of the 2 1/2 hours worth of music I usually store on a single minidisc. Great for long rides and family get-togethers (plug it into the stereo and leave it playing in the background). 66 songs in all. Some of you may find this exhausting (but hopefully not). There's a good bit of RCA's "Living" series on here, plus Henry Mancini, Martin Denny, Franck Pourcel, The Three Suns, Arthur Fiedler, Marty Gold, Floyd Cramer, and many others. SAMPLES: TRACK LISTINGS: Part 1 & Part 2 DOWNLOAD LINKS: Part 1 & Part 2


henofj said...

Really funny stuff lately. I love your collections. Some is not in my taste. But I don't care, most of it just make you happy. So I hope the gods of joy let thier love shine on you

totalrod2 said...

Thank you.

J. Devin said...

Good collection!

Zohar said...

Great collection!

I have a question:
Which record did you take "Franck Pourcel - In the Palm of Your Hand" from?
See, in Israel, where I grew up, this is the tune of a very popular "folk" song. the kind you sing around campfires.

Here are a few recordings:

Thanks a lot!


Raphy said...

I'm listening to ones in DivShare...and they are simply AMAZING>>>>>Love these stufff

Many thanks friend.

Big UP1@1