Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hugo Winterhalter

Here's 2 old records that have never been reissued. The first one ("The best of '64"), I've purchased 3 different copies of. But for some reason I just can't seem to find a decent copy of this record. Luckily we have people like Graham Newton who can digitally restore this stuff for us. I must admit, I gave him very little to work with. Even though this was the best copy I had, it was in horrible condition. Nonetheless, Graham came through for me. Click HERE for before and after samples. If anybody can restore the audio from a worn out record, Graham Newton's the man! And check out the professional printing on the CD: Top notch work. Thanks Graham. The second record ("The Big Hits of 1965") was in near-mint condition and required absolutely no restoration work (and I only paid 50¢ for it). Go figure. See COMMENTS (below) for track listings. DOWNLOAD LINK
UPDATE: This past week I finally managed to find a pristine copy (near mint!) of "The Best Of '64". So I figured I'd rip it and post that here too. Here's the download link: THE BEST OF '64 - HUGO WINTERHALTER & HIS ORCHESTRA