Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frank Scott Plays Harpsichord (1962)

Liner notes from back cover: FRANK SCOTT PLAYS HARPSICHORD - As featured on the Lawrence Welk TV Shows. The pleasant-looking young man, shown seated at his harpsichord on the front cover of this album, is a familiar weekly sight to the millions of viewers who regularly watch Lawrence Welk's program. Frank Scott has been spotted by the TV camera more and more regularly, especially since the phenomenal success of the Welk recording of "Calcutta" which featured Frank at the harpsichord. As so often in show business, it takes one event, one hit record, or one smash appearance to focus national attention on one who has, in other ways, been quietly manifesting his talents for many years. Such is the case with Frank, who in addition to holding down the piano-and-harpsichord benches with the Lawrence Welk organization, has been functioning as one of his most important arrangers ever since joining the orchestra. Frank Scott's background for this all-important behind-the-scenes post began when he was only 12 years old, in his native Fargo, North Dakota. At that early age he was already arranging for his own school band. He has a piano concerto and two musical comedies for community groups to his credit, in addition to many pop songs and a sheaf of scores for Lawrence Welk. This album brings the spotlight fully on Frank Scott and his amazing technique, for twelve delightful examples of his wonderfully entertaining harpsichord style. While he is not the first to employ that classically-oriented instrument in pop numbers, he has certainly developed its use as no one else has. To all Lawrence Welk fans, and to many new admirers, this album will be a toe-tickling treat. Produced by George Cates, Lawrence Welk, and Randy Wood. See "Comments" for track listings. SAMPLE: DOWNLOAD LINK


totalrod2 said...

Harpsichord Boogie
Woodchoppers Ball
Sentimental Journey
A String of Pearls
Carmen's Boogie
In the Mood
Summit Ridge Drive
Yankee Doodle Boogie
Near You
St. Louis Blues
Kitten on the Keys
Boogie Woogie

Supr said...

Hi Totalrod2, cogratulations with the returning back after some break !
Shurely, new nice albums appear here very soon. Just this new post with Frank Scott confirms this expectation.

totalrod2 said...

Thanks Supr. I'm weird like that (posting a bunch of stuff, then taking a long hiatus). Two months between posts IS a long time. I'll try not to let it happen again. ;)