Thursday, June 25, 2009

V/A - Spending Spree

It's been awhile since my last compilation, but here's the latest. Don't ask me why the theme almost always has something to do with shopping. I guess it's because when I was a kid, supermarkets (and department stores) were one of those few places where everything seemed to be perfect. Cheerful pastel colors (remember salmon and seafoam?), linoleum floors, lots of chrome and of course, the ever-present muzak playing over the PA. Although the 1950's was actually before my time, that atmosphere continued well into the late 80's. Our local First National never even remodeled until they closed the doors for good in 1988. Fast forward 20+ years....and it's a whole new world out there. Some people have welcomed the change, many don't. Do you really think when an elderly couple enters a restaurant, they want to be bombarded by loud music and TV's in every room? (TV's also blaring so they can be heard over the music!) I don't think so. I went into a restaurant last week where it was so loud I couldn't even hear myself talk (seriously!).What ever happened to just going there TO EAT? I'm old fashioned I guess. Of course, my discontentment with the present day runs sooo much deeper than that, but who wants to get depressed. So here's another tribute to the past. ;) TRACK LISTINGS - - DOWNLOAD SPENDING SPREE


Keith said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was nice hearing from you. I hope you'll stop by again. I'm adding your blog to my links as well. You've got such a cool blog. I much prefer how the shopping experience was in my youth than nowadays. I almost dread going out to eat or to do any shopping these days.

Yowp said...

Other than the game show stuff, Bryan, is most of this originally from Chappell?

Yowp said...

Sorry, Bryan, the reason I ask is at least some of the Phil Green cues are from the EMI Photoplay library but they have different names. I was wondering where your alternate names came from.
'Curious Kittens' is 'Bush Baby' (6-GR-65) from Q-2 Comedy Cartoon, disc 4.
'Afternoon Stroll' is 'Hicksville' (2-GR-472) from Q-6 People and Places, disc 17.
'Morning Jaunt' is from Green's Big City Suite (No. 3, I believe).
'Gingerbread Cookies' is from another Big City Suite (No. 3, as well, I think).
They all found their way onto the Capitol Hi-Q library which, of course, gave them still different names.

The compilation is a beautiful selection and the sound quality is exceptional. Bravo.

totalrod2 said...

Yowp, I sent you an email. It answers your questions about the Phillip Green music. Anyone else who's wondering, I didn't get this music from other blogs either! Doing so wouldn't really be bringing anything new to the table...and that's just not my style.

Yowp said...

Thanks, Bryan. In the process, you have helped answer something I have been wondering about for over 20 years about some other cues I had access to (and I'll bet the library is still sitting around gathering dust if it hasn't been tossed out).

Rizwan said...

iam trying to download the file from the megaupload website but it gives error when i click the download tab.Other links on your site are working perfectly.

totalrod2 said...

Rizwan, I just tried the link. It worked fine for me. It's possible you were on there during a heavy traffic period. That does happen sometimes.

THXjay said...

Bryan, these last few library compilations have been bang on the money!

Totally Awesome!

They're like a portal to another time and place, really conjuring up the mood and atmosphere of the yesteryear that we all wish existed...but probably never did!

Thanks :)

...looking forward to your next chapter ;)

baikinange said...

These are great! I'd say more, but I have this overwhelming urge to go shopping.

Pokey said...

Interesting [I haven't downloaded it yet].

The music practice of using this older music is still done now,just rarely. Depends on how old fashioned your city is, I think. Disneyland still uses this, and Unversal Hollywood on parts of the Tram tour..

The traks Yowp refers to would be common on many USA Hanna-Barfbera TV cartoons, for instance ["Curious Kittens", which was orig."Bush Baby", then "Comedy Movement"] is on many "Augie Doggies" and at the scene in Art Clokey's "Too Loo" with Gumby when the two music notes that Gumby's just hidden from the villianous "Sour Note" in his mouth then pop out,[amd these are retitled yet again, as many of these have been reisssued for the stores around today to still use-the track I mention is NOW "Animal Magic".]

Pokey said...

Keith, see if your local stores can do a little retro-REMODELLING!! [hee hee]

Yowp & Totalrod, I've wondered, now that I have downloaded this,
the question, that Yowp first asked, and Totalrod, you cna e-mail me,too, if you like, is that originally Chappell?

BTW The sound is much different than on EMI or Capitol, at least one "Hicksville",-cum-"Rural Foxtrot"-"Afternoon Storll"-now in Carlin as "The Soft Show Shuffle"[!!] is a bit shorter, formerly 2:30 but now 2:00.

And we even,in the form of Edward White's o;d 1950s Chappell piece, "Puffin' Billy", get the old longtime "Captain Kangaroo" theme.

Another BW THe Ray Bloch piece "Toast of the Town" is very familair..Bob Colbert's "Turn it Up" being another excel;lent one. BTW If you hear ANYTHING credited to Mr.Frank Comstock and MrGeorge Stiner, it's probaly "Bullwinkle" music; in fact, the one credited to both, called "Trailing Behind",
is a partial reworking of fellow "Bullwinkle" composer Dennis Farnon's piece "The Troube w/Cynthia", now in KPM. BTW George Steiner's brother Fred was the other Bullwinkle composer.

BTW I hope to open my own chain of whatever, stores, and use this, legaslly, of course.

Yowp said...

Pokey, the Colbert piece (note that Bryan's title is "Turning Up") was the theme to The $10,000 Pyramid if my aged memory is right.

It's amazing how prolific some of these composers were. One could (if they wanted to pay for the rights) have an internet music channel filled with their stuff and could go days on end with great music without repeating a song.


totalrod2 said...

Yowp, "Turn it Up" IS the actual name of that song. The only tracks I renamed were the ones by Phil Green. Because there were no track listings for those (and I couldn't just leave them blank). Steve, the music came from various libraries including Chappell.

Yowp said...

Ok, Bryan. I was just going by your track listings which say Tuning Up

Here's one of a number of posts on the web where someone credits the tune to one Ken Aldin. From my limited hunt on the web, it looks like he wrote for a German library.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing! If you want more mall muzak, be sure to check out my Retro Shopping compilations :)

mel said...

Thanks - this is an excellent collection, the majority of which I didn't have.

Dr. Frank Lippenheimer said...

I love it. Great work. That picture of the checkout lanes is great. Thanks a bunch.

Ms. B said...

I love this picture of the grocery store! Wouldn't it be perfect to live in a world covered in easter egg colors and starbursts once again? Instead all we're left with is the drudgery of WALMART and places like it :(



DJA said...

Bryan, thanks so much for this blog...I can't believe I only just discovered it. I hate to sound like a broken record but I, too, am unable to download Spending Spree -- I get a very long Google error page when I try. I use a Mac, not sure if that makes any difference, but I'm able to download all of your other stuff with no problem. Thanks again!

Steve Engler said...

Can you re upload this , the message I got is "file not found". I'd love to check it out (no pun intended).

totalrod2 said...

Problem fixed. I must've accidentally removed the hyperlink while migrating some of my photos on this site over to Picasa. Sorry 'bout that!

Steve Engler said...

I'm downloading it now, thanks.

You seem like someone who would know, is there any elevator music collections on the net consisting of actual Muzak?

totalrod2 said...
I seem to recall Jim Schlichting mentioning something about this music belonging to Muzak at one time. Downloads are also available from Rhapsody:
(see other Starborne releases on the right)

Steve Engler said...

Interesting thanks! Cool blog you have, I'm sure I'll be back again.

Pokey said...

Jennifer, you can live in that pastel world if you live in California, which is once conservative agaion--Whittier Stadium Cinemas,for one. Bryna, you are fortunaely to have that pretty music instead of New Kids on the Block in 19888 for on the west coast that is all we had..the music used to be on Sat AM cartoons but no more by the 70s [the dark ages of animation, as were the 80s.Scooby-Doo? ]

BTW As I said there are a few TV themes here, the "Capt.Kangaroo" theme "Puffin' Billy" by EDWARD WHITE and the original "All in the Family" theme [closing] "Remembering You" by ROGER KELLAWAY. These are either public domain or licensable and these cna still be heard. as for an elderly couple like you mention even Sinatra's New York, New York would bombard their eardrums [too teenage swing, Sammy Kaye and the Carpenters would please an elderly couple more than swing IMHO.]

Keep postin'!:)

Pokey said...

One other note, jennifer, Bryan, etc.

Here in Southern Calif, WALMART of ALL stores has REALLY improved a lot of the decor. They have groveries, different colors much like what is depicted, yellow, red and such above, but all they need now is to play that music..:)

Pokey said...

Oh, and one more follow up here:
Our 50 year old Broadway now Sears store in Whittier is a last hold out for a voice telling you to "stay on the escelator", and it sometimes seems to play music like this but very low.

Also Phil Green's Afternoon Stroll-Hicksville, the theme used on the end of many Quick Draws, is edited at the end.

Pokey said...

"Tater Tot Parade"
LOL! The theme for Ideal's Mouse Trap toy commercials in the early 1960s!!!

There are two versions of that cut, at least, by the way.

The other is on "Ren and Stimpy"..
BOTH are credited to Jay Ward-ians -
the "Spending Spree" one is George Steiner, I think that like his brother Fred [turn that around and you have a Liberace thing there], according to Paul Mandell in one of Yowp's entries last December, there were Capitol Stock cues by him.

The other, much differently processed and slightly different soudning, is "Bring on the Girls" by Dennis Farnon.

I think he too also had Captiol cues there.

His is in the KPM library currently at least.

Whichever came first is up for grabs, as to which version of that track. Many of those are familiar TV shows themes and game themes as already discussed here.

Steve C.

PS AGreed with all mon the shopping experience nowaways and also regarding the cuts on the so called "album" LOL, another Steiner cut, "Trailing Behind" is credited to yet another Jay Ward composer, Frank Comstock. He and Fred Steiner wrote the Bullwinkle themes.Comstock had a few themes for Gilligan, at least the black and white first season, 1964.:-)

Pokey said...

Okay, I found the Rebound 1970s Howard Cosell toy ad by Ideal.

If you go here:
you will hear the piece "Tater Tot Parade" aka "Bring on the Girls".

Pokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pokey said...

Okay, I found the Rebound 1970s toy ad with Tater Tot parade.
If you gohere:
you will hear the piece "Tater Tot Parade" aka "Bring on the Girls".

The piece is either George Steiner as noted or Dennis Farnon as "Production Music from Ren and Stimpy" and KPM music credit it.

Roger Wilco said...

I love your blog, Bryan. Some of my favorites here are Spending Spree and Free Admission. Is that Les Paul's guitar on Free Admission? In fact, what orchestra recorded these two and others? What production library has these? MUTEL? KPM. Thanks!


Pokey said...

Let me also comment that in the tradition of many retitlings of cues, as Yowp's also brought up here and on Your Pal Doug's blog and his own as have I, that "Haute Coture" is also known as "Temptation Sensation", on "It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia",a "adult comedy" show on FX these days.

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byc said...
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