Sunday, August 16, 2009

Music for TV Dinners (1997)

For anyone who started collecting library music in just the last decade or so, these are often the first 2 albums to enter their collection. For me, these ARE the 2 discs that started it all. Sure, I'd already had plenty of Percy Faith, Henry Mancini, 101 Strings, etc. in my collection by the mid-90's. And although it's in the same vein, it's not really library music. Released in 1997 from the now defunct Scamp Records (owned by Caroline), these 2 discs have been out-of-print for a number of years now and finding a copy, although not impossible, is getting harder to come by. Every track is straight from the archives of APM (Associated Production Music). So if you liked the music on Ren & Stimpy, you'll definitely enjoy this! See comments for track listings on the first album. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Music For TV Dinners - VOL. 1 and Music for TV Dinners - The '60's


totalrod2 said...

Music for TV Dinners - Vol. 1:
1- In the Limelight (David Lindup)
2- Happy Go Lively (Laurie Johnson)
3- Hackney Carriage (King Palmer)
4- Trafficscape (Eric Winstone)
5- Workaday World (Jack Beaver)
6- Curley Shirley (Otto Sieben)
7- Bell Hop (John Shakespeare)
8- Man About Town (Laurie Johnson)
9- Holiday Playtime (King Palmer)
10- Bargains Galore (Stuart Crombie & Dennis Berry)
11- Speaking Guitar (Gerhard Narholz)
12- Shopping Spree (Laurie Johnson)
13- Stop Gap (Wilfred Burns)
14- Toys for Boys (Boris Schoska)
15- Gala Performance (Laurie Johnson)
16- Sleepy Shores (Johnny Pearson)

Vinyl Room said...


do you have access to Singin' and Swingin'

If so can you ask that to invite me, I don't know the email address you see.

Many thanks


Yowp said...

Today's trivia .. Workaday World was in the Capitol Hi-Q library, reel L-96. It has a couple of reels of KPM.

totalrod2 said...

VR, I'm not sure how I can help. I can't get in either. Can anyone? Actually, back when I included that blog on my list of links, it was open to everyone. Obviously that has since changed. The link is useless now, so I've removed it.

Pokey said...

..And CrombieSterling were also collectively known as Frank Sterling.

Pokey said...

I already downloaded that from another site. Thanks, Yowp, btw, for the info on the KPM in the Hi-Q library. I'd also be interested if JW Media Music which Baikinange posted wasn't also part of the Hi-Q, as their site has some albums with very familiar sounding music and one of the now rare 1960s Post Cereal influenced "Linus the Lion-Hearted" shorts with Rory Raccoon, the spokeman of "Corn Toasties":, on YouTube, "Rest Cured", has both a JW Media cue, Ronald Hanmer's "Sports Fever", then another "Ren and Stimpy" KPM regular by Van Phillips [the two libraries shared the same composers]"Merry as a grig", then later "Rest Cured" with Rory Raccoon from Linus the Lion-Hearted ends with Sports Fever again.

Pokey said...

Well, you deliver again! I just downlaoded the 60s volume! Excellent stuff.


mad4music said...

I've been trying to buy the first volume of this set for years, but never can find it at a decent price. I'm so happy to find it here. Thanks for sharing!

Steve Engler said...

These look like fun, thanks!

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Pokey said...

Bryan, please delete Kimberly's post. Unless she has recordings guaranteed to do a Viagra job.:)

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