Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some library music info

This is just a little tidbit of information I recently uncovered. Carlin has a CD which contains many of the songs found on the Capitol production music compilation done by Schadenfreudian Therapy a few years ago. As some of you might remember there were no artists listed. Well, it seems the bulk of that music was actually done by Philip Green, William Loose, and Emil Cadkin. Here's a few of the songs from Carlin's disc. For legal reasons, I won't be posting the entire album here. However, if you feel you must tag every song from that Capitol compilation, you can find the artist/track info on PLAY . Look under "Carlin Online Series". Be forewarned, this will be a daunting task as they've renamed every single song. Eg; "Cool Evening" has been reissued as "Bouncing Dolly" and "Penthouse Cocktail" is now called "Reminiscing" I really hate it when they do that.