Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some library music info

This is just a little tidbit of information I recently uncovered. Carlin has a CD which contains many of the songs found on the Capitol production music compilation done by Schadenfreudian Therapy a few years ago. As some of you might remember there were no artists listed. Well, it seems the bulk of that music was actually done by Philip Green, William Loose, and Emil Cadkin. Here's a few of the songs from Carlin's disc. For legal reasons, I won't be posting the entire album here. However, if you feel you must tag every song from that Capitol compilation, you can find the artist/track info on PLAY . Look under "Carlin Online Series". Be forewarned, this will be a daunting task as they've renamed every single song. Eg; "Cool Evening" has been reissued as "Bouncing Dolly" and "Penthouse Cocktail" is now called "Reminiscing" I really hate it when they do that.


litlgrey said...

I'm not even going to try!

Yowp said...

I actually sat down and made a list of the dual names of the cues in Ange's file just to satisfy my curiosity.

Capitol had a habit of renaming cues, too, so unless someone has the original EMI discs, we won't know what Green called them.

(What's really annoying is Green's Photoplay Q-2 discs .. his cartoon music .. now have new cutsie Carlin monikers).

What I don't understand is how two Americans co-wrote music with someone thousands of miles away. Did Green and Cadkin (his writing partner in the 60s) add an extra instrument line to get credit?

And just to confuse people some more, for the last few months some of the cues on the site's CPM 1 are not formatted properly, so the cue being played doesn't match the listing.

litlgrey said...

How did Roger Webb's work end up on Capitol's Hollywood Library label??

totalrod2 said...

They certainly don't make anything easy.
Litlgrey, I have no clue. Yowp is the insider around here, maybe he can shed some light on this.
I haven't registered but from what I've read on their message boards, there seems to be a few Capitol/EMI collectors out there

Yowp said...

Insider! And I thought I was just an aged ex-disc jockey/production manager!

Wish I could help. I don't have the actual discs for these to check composers, just Ange's music file I downloaded a while back and what's on the Carlin site.

Phil Green got his name on these as a composer, not Webb, at least according to Carlin. And Green's EMI stuff, due to the EMI-Capitol connection, ended up on several Capitol production libraries.

Are there Webb discs with these cues?


Pokey said...

I recognize that from Ange's site, actually had that one in my mind, and I STILL have it..The other American besides Cadkiun that Ywop refers to is, of course Loose, and the othert is Cookerly when Green wasn't the "third third"[the
"wild card" along with Cadkin-Loose, who wrote by themselves as well.]

Roger Roger and Harry Lubin music is on Carlin [of course Roger's musci was written for, and still shows up in countless production libaries.

totalrod2 said...

My guess is that when a music library purchases "buyout" discs from another library they're basically free to do whatever they want with it from there on in. Apparently it doesn't even matter if one artist gets credit for another artist's work. I have a library LP that credits Werner Tautz for "The Winslow Boy" and Heinz Kiessling for "Skydiver". This in direct conflict with the track info posted here:
Oh well, here's a few more songs translated from Carlin/Capital:
on Carlin: "Come on Baby" (#80)
on Capital: "Hot Summer Rock"
on Carlin: "Brazilian Fling" (#61)
on Capitol: "Latin Girl"
on Carlin: "Smooth Stepping" (#64)
on Capitol: "My Holiday Spree"

litlgrey said...

Somebody's a-fibbin' then. The GEMA composer database credits "The Winslow Boy" to Tautz, and "Sky Diver" (in two words) to Kiessling.

Here's a secret: Brilliant-Musik has its own online presence. ( )
Even they credit "The Winslow Boy" to Tautz and "Sky Diver" to Kiessling.

They describe "The Winslow Boy" as "British movie music sound, traffic, illustration, international flair, movie, TV" and "Sky Diver" as "Powerful tune, British flair, movie, TV, advertisement, illustration, big city."

That "Like a Breeze" CD is out of print and needs to be blogged as soon as possible!

totalrod2 said...

Hmm, I think someone already has. ;)
(I can't take credit for this one)

Pokey said...

Yowp..some of thiose "cutsie monkiers" @Calrin ain't so.,..what about
Phil's "Peeping Tom"
and Cadkin & Bluestone's "Sex Kitten"? :)

Totalrod2, the business of re-credited others is of course a longtime one with the library heads that got a lot such as Seely and Loose, and even some of the suppliers--Raoul Krausshar for instance..

Not to mention outside the music credit issue..

house303 said...

Like a Breeze is a brilliant compilation! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the original uploader

totalrod2 said...

Thank Litlgrey for that one.

Jacko said...

I found the Like A Breeze compilation recently and love it. I'm wondering if there are any other similar compilations that anyone knows of. There are a ton of collections covering late 60s and 70s library, production and a touch of advertising music, but not so much for the 50s - mid-60's stuff. I'm eager to get my hands on as much of it as possible, and figure a good way is to find more collections similar to the Capitol and Carlin ones. Maybe foreign release only kind of things?

You just don't see too many individual albums from that era around anywhere. The only other stuff i've really come up with are the TV Dinner comps, the Ren and Stimpy production ones, Mike Sammes' Music For Biscuits, Raymond Scott, Bernard Herrmann tv cues and an odd airline or promotional record here and there. I've tried to seek out any homemade comps that might have some of this stuff included.

I'm really fascinated with all of the old advertising music, Muzak, commercial Mood and Background albums for department stores, groceries, elevators and basically anything else they could peg a transistor to.

The trail runs dry real fast beyond the obvious stuff. Where does one gain access to all of these old commercial cues? All of those background music albums floating around all of those stores, malls and airports for all those years...there must be some around somewhere. Even the Mantovani's survived the ages.

If there were collections of them on cd for $20-30 a pop, i'd buy them all and feel fortunate. But it seems that all there is to do is hope that someone who is lucky enough to actually possess some posts them somewhere.

Every once in awhile I stumble onto some info on something like 'Breeze' that I was unaware of before, and it gets my anticipation and expectations up again that there might actually be more stuff like that available somewhere. I figured this was the right crowd to ask.

totalrod2 said...

Brigade Mondaine (formerly "Royal Earforce") has a bunch of compilations just like that one. Email me.

litlgrey said...

Wait, Brigade Mondaine was the successor to Royal Ear Force?

totalrod2 said...

Wait a minute, I've got my information screwed up. I made that last statement based on the fact that Like A Breeze was compiled by Zack & Kristin. Obviously, I need to research this stuff before assuming anything. Hey, I never said I knew everything!

Pokey said...

Uh, sorry, guys, if you're looking now for JACK COOKERLY/EMIL CADKIN/WILLIAM LOOSE anymore over on that PLAY PRODUCTION MUSIC site:
those cues have been replaced.

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laidbackinbethlehem said...

Like A Breeze has turned up here:-