Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christian Mondstein/Jo Part

Sorry I've been so lax about adding new music to this site. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. So here's a little something to tide y'all over until my next post. This is the first video I've actually made using Windows Movie Maker so I'm still learning. But it's basically just a slideshow with test cards and station idents (most people under 30 probably won't even remember what a test card is!). Anyhow, all 4 of these songs will be appearing on a couple of future compilations that are in the works. Hopefully this should give you something to look forward to.
  • 1- Clique Chic (Christian Mondstein/Jo Part)
  • 2- Ginger Snap (Christian Mondstein/Jo Part)
  • 3- Creep Joint (Christian Mondstein/Jo Part)
  • 4- Hillbilly Hayride (Jo Part)


Pokey said...

Hi..loved your video..glad to see your new account..I posted and subscribed to your video and account respectively..

Yowp said...

The CBC used the Indian Head test pattern. The last one you posted looks like he's in blackface.

The early colour patterns were interesting; I've only seen the bar type.

Playing music behind test patterns didn't happen very often that I recall. Generally, there was a tone to calibrate the sound signal.

I guess in these days of 24-hour programming, test patterns are long obsolete. They're more entertaining than a lot of stuff on TV.


totalrod2 said...

Tell me about it. I remember PBS in Boston (WGBH) used to play "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck over their station ident. That was my favorite song. And yes, there was music being played over the indian head test patterns in Boston. Because I distinctly remember calling WLVI (channel 56) when I was about 7 or 8 years old (okay, now I'm dating myself!) and asking the name of a song. They had no idea.

Pokey said...

My favorite song, too, "Take Five". love the first song under the indian head. BTW Dumb question? Any info on Jo Part? Was Jo male or female? I can't find out anything about her online yet.

Παυσικραίπαλος said...

I fell in love with "Clique Chic"!... Mmmaaarvellous and a perfect sound too!!!

totalrod2 said...

I wish I could help. But Brillant Musik's site isn't providing any info either. You could try emailing Brigade Mondaine. I was surprised when Zack himself actually replied to one of my emails a few years ago, so you never know! What I can tell you is this: These are NOT the original names of the songs, but re-issued names. The original names are:

"Puzzle-Spiel No. 9" (reissued as Clique Chic - written by Mondstein/Part and performed by The Heinz Kiessling orchestra).

"Big Benny" (reissued as Creep Joint - written by Mondstein/Part and performed by The Rhythm Kings).

I don't know the original names of the other 2 songs because they don't seem to be listed on Brillant's website (if they ARE, I couldn't find them).

Pokey said...

So I still wonder then, was Jo Part male or female? Any more uploads pretty soon?


Again, excellent music..

totalrod2 said...

Hope y'all had a happy holiday. Yes, there will be more uploads after new years. There's only so many hours in the day. I should find a retiree who wants to keep this thing up to date. ;)

Pokey said...

So Jo Part was female, then? Please answer.

totalrod2 said...

I don't really know. My guess would be male.

olaf675 said...

Thanks for your post. I was doing a search for Christian Mondstein and found some information about him in the Google Books scan of 'Conductors and composers of popular orchestral music' by Reuben Musiker.

Apparently 'Christian Mondstein' is a pseudonym of Heinz Kiessling.

'Conductors and composers of popular orchestral music' by Reuben Musiker

You can hear some other Christian Mondstein/Jo Part songs at ExtremeMusic.

He even wrote the tune 'Ginger Snap', which you might remember from the Enzyte/Smilin' Bob commercials from a few years back.

I just wish the ExtremeMusic material was readily available on CD.

You also might like these links --

Brilliant Musik

Production Music Libraries

KPM Music

APM Music

Extreme Music

Manhattan Production Music

totalrod2 said...

Thanks Olaf. We all learned something new! I couldn't find squat online, but I guess I didn't look hard enough.

Uncle Atom said...

Oh man, that TV with your personalized black and white graphic look great, love the whole room. I'm new to the blog, have you posted details somewhere about the TV and how you did the graphic?

totalrod2 said...

That's not my TV (although mine is just as old!). Actually, I found this picture online. I used MS paint to edit it. Pasted the logo (with a transparent background) over the background with that television "noise". Then I stretched it to the correct angle, cut and pasted the finished product to fit inside the tv screen. Boring details.

Pokey said...

Glad to Olaf's links. Nice info on Ginger Snap, whcih is fun. Hope to sewe more on the blog!Steve

Anonymous said...

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