Thursday, May 27, 2010

Industrial Achievement

Okay, so I probably don't post as often as I'd like to. But I do try to make up for it when I can. Here we have 69 tracks in all (SEE TRACK LISTINGS) As I've mentioned before, I never use music from other blogs to make these compilations. I try to make sure everything that's posted here is fresh and new to the blogosphere. If you do hear a song that's already available from another blog, let me know, and I'll have the owner of this website fired. ;) Artists on this compilation include: Anthony Mawer, Ivor Slaney, Keith Papworth, Wilfred Burns, King Palmer, Stuart Crombie, Simon Park (aka Simon Haseley), E.A. Quelle, Steve Race, Harold Geller, Stanley Myers, Budtree/Leader, Peter Reno, Peter Milray, Ivor Osborne, Johnny Hawksworth, Jack Trombey, Roger Renaud, Gert Wilden, Ronald Hanmer, Larry Ashmore, and more!...DOWNLOAD