Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a quick update.....

I know I'm constantly apologizing for the lack of activity here. I just thought I'd post a little update to tide you over. I promise to have a new rip posted within the next week or so. I got a Reg Tilsley record a few weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to ripping it yet. Actually, I haven't even listened to it yet! Hopefully you won't be disappointed. So until then....
  • See "comments" for track listings


totalrod2 said...

1- Big Band Billboard # 1 (Henrik Nielsen)
2- Alley Gas (Robert Ascot)
3- Afro Indian Dreams (James Williamson)
4- Action Industry (Don Kirsten)
5- Programming Bridge # 10 (Ib Glindemann)
6- Outdoor Life # 4 (Henrik Nielsen)
7- Metro Trail (Erik Markman)
8- Light Domestic (Erik Markman)
9- Commerce in Progress (Robert Ascot)
10- Busy Anyone (Ib Glindemann)

Yowp said...

Nice stereo! These are from mid to late 60s?

Markman, Kirsten = Ib Glindemann.
Nielsen, Ascot = Ole Georg.

James Williamson = James M. Jacobsen.

Pokey said...

Excellent tracks..

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