Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elevator Muzak

I know the term "elevator muzak" probably seems a bit derogatory. I had this idea for a compilation last year, but somewhere along the line I simply lost interest in it. I think that'll work to your advantage though, because rather than sorting through the hundreds of songs I had to choose from and only picking the ones I wanted to use, I've decided to just post ALL of them here. I'm calling this "Volume 1". There's 284 tracks in all. You can decide which ones you want to keep. I didn't bother numbering them, so they're listed in alphabetical order by default. There's really only one song on here that isn't library music ("A Man and a Woman" by The London Pops Orchestra), the rest are all from various libraries. Sorry for my laziness in keeping the blog up-to-date. Hopefully this will make up for it! I'll post Volume-2 of this monstrous collection within the coming months. Yes, there's more. A lot more.
Keywords: Piero Piccioni, Johnny Hawksworth, Werner Tautz, Armando Sciascia, Robert Farnon, Albert Marlowe, Malcolm Lockyer, Piero Umiliani, Syd Dale, Heinz Kiessling, Harry Lubin, Jo Part, Jack Arel, Jean-Claude Petit, Dolf Van Der Linden, King Palmer, Kenny Graham, John Cacavas, Sam Fonteyn, Armando Trovaioli, Edward White, Cyril Watters, Anthony Mawer, Nino Nardini, E.A. Quelle, Dennis Berry, Walter Stott, Jack Beaver, Johnny Pearson, William Goldstein, Pete Thomas, Ray Davies, Trevor Duncan, George Chase, Laurie Johnson, Peter Moore, James Clarke, Ronald Binge

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's up

I haven't checked in here for almost a month and a half (I know, shame on me). Just thought I'd let y'all know that I haven't forgotten about you. The thing is, it takes time to rip vinyl and make compilations. And frankly my heart just hasn't been into it lately. I do however have thousands of songs on my computer. I don't know how anyone might feel about me just uploading a bunch of music (in no orderly fashion). I can guarantee there's quite a bit of stuff here that most of you don't already have. It'll be up to you to cull out whatever you don't want. But as far as me ripping any records or making new compilations, I'm done for now. If you like the idea of me uploading a shitload of library music from my computer, just let me know. I should be able to handle that! Until then, I'll talk to ya later.